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  • Belgian Air Force Days Andien Event
    Friday 07 September 2018

    As you probably know, on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of September, Kleine Brogel will host the " Belgian Air Force Days". A very special arrangement has been worked out for our Silver Wing Association and for other aviation organizations on Friday 7th September. On that pre-meeting day, an "Anciens Event" will be organized with the following program:

    As from 10.30 hrs: 

    • Arrival via the Herenwijerstraat – Kleine Brogel, with parking on the Air Base and transport by bus to the business terrace along the parallel runway;
    • Welcome and registration at the business village, followed by aperif and snacks;
    • Watch the arrival of the participating aircraft and the rehearsal flights of the different displays from the business terrace with free drinks;

    As from 11.30 hrs:

    • Cold and hot buffet with assorted wines;

    As from 13.30 hrs:

    • Optional visit of the static display area and of the Kleine Brogel exhibition;

    As from 18.00 hrs:

    • Transport by bus to the parking.

    This "Anciens Event" is offered exclusively to the Silver Wing Members and their partner at an All-In price of 60 Euro.

    As a Silver Wing Member, you can register for this "Anciens Event" and take advantage of the special arrangement by:

    • paying 60 Euro (per person) on the Silver Wings bank account BE15 0014 4759 2230 and by
    The subscriptions will be closed on Saturday 28th July 2018.

  • Visit to EATC
    Tuesday 23 October 2018

    On Tuesday 23rd October we will visit the European Air Transport Command (EATC) at Eindhoven Airbase.

    see: www.EATC-MIL.COM


    A Silver Wing Graduate is in charge of the EATC Operational Division (Col Patrick Mollet, ENJJPT Class 89-04).

    More details will follow later.


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