Silver Wings USAF Belgium

List of Graduates per class

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Name Firstname Serial No USAF Class
HADERMANN (†) Leon8652-GDetails
HAELTERMAN (†) Robert8752-GDetails
HENRY Paul8852-GDetails
HOMBLE (†) Marcel8952-GDetails
HUBERT (†) Edouard14253-BDetails
HASEVOETS Arthur16653-DDetails
HUBEAU (†) Jean18453-FDetails
HEUSGHEM (†) Roland19853-HDetails
HOMBLE Michel24054-MDetails
HANOT (†) Leonard25654-ODetails
HANSENNE Raymond26954-QDetails
HERPHELIN André28455-CDetails
HONNAY (†) Emile28555-CDetails
HENAUX Jacques29155-DDetails
HALLAERT Georges30255-FDetails
HAVRAN Stephane30355-FDetails
HOLEMANS (†) Roland30455-FDetails
HALLAUX Pierre32955-HDetails
HENRAR Paul36855-SDetails
HUYSSE André37255-TDetails


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