Silver Wings USAF Belgium

List of Graduates per class

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Name Firstname Serial No USAF Class
TEUWEN Godfried1052-ADetails
THIELS Joseph1152-ADetails
TYSSEN (†) Constant10052-GDetails
THOME André12152-HDetails
TERLINDEN (†) Mike13053-ADetails
TERRYN Roger13153-ADetails
TREIGNER Raoul14453-BDetails
TYTGAT Emmanuel18053-EDetails
TORRIJOS (†) Manuel19253-FDetails
TOURNOY Lodewijck19353-FDetails
TOUSSAINT (†) Jean Marie26054-ODetails
TAVERNIERS (†) Romanus28955-CDetails
TAMBORYN Piet31055-FDetails
TRICOT Michel33155-HDetails
TRUYENS Guido41179-05Details
TOPPETS Wilfried44691-11Details

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