Silver Wings USAF Belgium

List of Graduates per class

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Name Firstname Serial No USAF Class
MEERT Denis2152-BDetails
NAESSENS (†) Basile2252-BDetails
POTY Yves2352-BDetails
RENSON Joseph2452-BDetails
VAESSENS Jean Marie2552-BDetails
VAN DAELE (†) Urbin2652-BDetails
VERTONGHEN (†) Walter2752-BDetails
ABTS Jean Marie2852-CDetails
BRUYNINCKX (†) Guy2952-CDetails
CASTERMANS Georges3052-CDetails
DANDOIS (†) Roger3152-CDetails
DELCORTE Jean Marie3252-CDetails
EXELMANS (†) Joseph3352-CDetails
KOCH (†) Roland3452-CDetails
LEFEBVRE (†) Jacques3552-CDetails
LIPPENS Lucien3652-CDetails
MAENHAUT (†) Marcel3752-CDetails
NEEFS (†) Bernard3852-CDetails
OCKET (†) Paul3952-CDetails
QUICK (†) Victor4052-CDetails

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