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  • 2019-01 Conference: An inside view on the selection of the F-35A as successor of the Belgian F-16s
    Tuesday 19 February

    Conferentie door Kol Vl SBH Harry Van Pee, chef van het team “Air Combat Capability Replacement Program”.

    Voor VTB & SW leden – Members Only   first come, first served     € 40 all-in.

    Rendez-vous vanaf 10u00 voor een koffie; conferentie om 10u30 gevolgd door een aperitief en een lunch vanaf 12u00.

    Inschrijving: het inschrijvingsformulier terugsturen naar het vermelde adres (of de nodige gegevens doormailen) en tegelijkertijd het gepaste bedrag op de VTB-rekening storten (IBAN BE23 2100 6199 6691, BIC GEBABEBB).

    Domaine de La Chise, B-1315 Piètrebais - N50° 44' 10" E004° 45' 42"

    Uiterste datum voor inschrijving: dinsdag 05 Feb 2019.

    Conférence par le Col Avi BEM Harry Van Pee, chef de l’équipe “Air Combat Capability Replacement Program”.

    Pour les membres VTB & SW Members Only    first come, first served     € 40 all-in.
    Rendez-vous dès 10u00 pour le café; conférence à 10h30 suivie d'un apéritif et d'un lunch à partir de 12h00.
    Inscription: renvoyer le bulletin d'inscription à l'adresse mentionnée (ou envoyer les données par e-mail) et effectuer par la même occasion le versement de la somme requise sur le compte VTB (IBAN BE23 2100 6199 6691, BIC GEBABEBB). Domaine de La Chise, B-1315 Piètrebais - N50° 44' 10" E004° 45' 42" D
    Date limite d'inscription : le mardi 05 Fev 2019.  



  • 2018-4 Visit to EATC
    Tuesday 23 October 2018

    On Tuesday 23rd October we will visit the European Air Transport Command (EATC) at Eindhoven Airbase.

    see: www.EATC-MIL.COM


    A Silver Wing Graduate is in charge of the EATC Operational Division (Col Patrick Mollet, ENJJPT Class 89-04).

    More details will follow later.

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  • 2018-3 Belgian Air Force Days Ancien Event
    Friday 07 September 2018

    As you probably know, on Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th of September, Kleine Brogel will host the " Belgian Air Force Days". A very special arrangement has been worked out for our Silver Wing Association and for other aviation organizations on Friday 7th September. On that pre-meeting day, an "Anciens Event" will be organized with the following program:

    As from 10.30 hrs: 

    • Arrival via the Herenwijerstraat – Kleine Brogel, with parking on the Air Base and transport by bus to the business terrace along the parallel runway;
    • Welcome and registration at the business village, followed by aperif and snacks;
    • Watch the arrival of the participating aircraft and the rehearsal flights of the different displays from the business terrace with free drinks;

    As from 11.30 hrs:

    • Cold and hot buffet with assorted wines;

    As from 13.30 hrs:

    • Optional visit of the static display area and of the Kleine Brogel exhibition;

    As from 18.00 hrs:

    • Transport by bus to the parking.

    This "Anciens Event" is offered exclusively to the Silver Wing Members and their partner at an All-In price of 60 Euro.

    As a Silver Wing Member, you can register for this "Anciens Event" and take advantage of the special arrangement by:

    • paying 60 Euro (per person) on the Silver Wings bank account BE15 0014 4759 2230 and by
    The subscriptions will be closed on Saturday 28th July 2018.

  • 2018-2 Silver Wings Banquet 2018
    Saturday 5 May 2018

    This is a short heads-up message to inform you about the date of our traditional Silver Wings Banquet, which will take place on Saturday 5 May 2018.

    All members of the Silver Wings Association and their spouse are cordially invited.

    At this occasion we will have the opportunity to say farewell to Colonel Scott A. Shepard and his wife Barbie, as they will be leaving Belgium in the near future.


    This special event will take place at the Salons de Romree, Beiaardlaan 31, 1850 GRIMBERGEN.


    More detailed information will follow soon.

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  • 2018-1 Visit to expo: “American Dream Cars
    Tuesday 23 January 2018


    Date: Tuesday 23 January 2018

    Place: AUTOWORLD at the Cinquantenaire in Brussels

    Event: "American Dream Cars"


    This major expo will recall the American Dream through some of the most mythical cars of those Golden Years.

    Everything was possible on the America scene of the ‘50s and ‘60s. And this also brought about the fabled cars that crisscrossed the continent from East to West, on Route 66, on Hollywood Boulevard, on the avenues of Las Vegas and on the many Air Force Bases in the South of the USA where most of you were lucky to spend some time.  

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  • 2017-3 Conference on Airbus A380
    Thursday 26 October 2017

    Next event will take place on Thursday 26 October 2017 at La Chise (Beauvechain): the Vieilles Tiges invites the Silver Wings to join a most interesting briefing on the Airbus A380 by Patrick "James" De Roeck (type rating examiner Airbus A380 and Silver Wing Graduate).


  • 2017-2 Grimbergen Annual Banquet 2017
    Saturday 13 may 2017
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  • 2017-1 Briefing A400M & Walking Dinner
    Thursday 23 February 2017
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  • 2016-2 Overijse - Closing banquet
    Saturday 28 May
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  • 2016-1 Beauvechain - Briefing Rafale by Mr Olivier Ferrer
    Wednesday 24 February
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  • 2014-5 Wavre - Farewell lunch US Air Attaché Col James Shigekane
    Monday 29 December
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  • 2014-4 Beauvechain - Briefing by Col Michel Vandermaelen (former military attache in China)
    Thursday 27 November
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  • 2014-3 Brussels - Presentation F-35 by Mrs Kristi Mayfield
    Wednesday 17 September
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  • 2014-2 Annual banquet 2014
    Saturday 17 May
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  • 2014-1 Beauvechain - USAF test pilot
    Wednesday 19 february
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