Silver Wings USAF Belgium

Alphabetical list of Graduates

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Name Firstname Serial No USAF Class Silverwings Member
ACKERMANS Jozef769-11YesDetails
BARAS Jan901260-17NYesDetails
BOLLE Andre900152-NoDetails
BRAMS DaniŽl869-14NoDetails
COERTJENS Marcel901761-NoDetails
COLLEE Luc1982-19YesDetails
DAVID Jean-Jacques2082-19YesDetails
DE BRUYNE Daniel903268-11YesDetails
DE GROEVE (†) Etienne902766-NoDetails
DECRE Joseph901661-NoDetails
DEHAENE Yves902163NoDetails
DEMAYER PIERRE900552-NoDetails
DESMET Gilbert1477-03YesDetails
DEVALCK Frans903168-NoDetails
DOFFAGNE (†) Roger901861-NoDetails
GEENS Victor900952-04NNoDetails
GOEMAN Andrť1577-03NoDetails
HAESEVOETS Louis901561-NoDetails
HALLYN Laurent900352-NoDetails
HAVERMANS Bruno9024Nav 86-01YesDetails


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