Silver Wings USAF Belgium

Alphabetical list of Graduates

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Name Firstname Serial No USAF Class Silverwings Member
ABTS Jean Marie2852-CNoDetails
ADRIAENSENS Laurence39072-11YesDetails
AELVOET Quentin46702-03NoDetails
AERTS Jean-Pierre38972-04YesDetails
ALLART (†) Jacques4752-ENoDetails
ANCION (†) Maurice32255-HNoDetails
ANZALONE Marco47716-01NoDetails
AUGUSTUS (†) Michel33455-INoDetails
BAEYENS Pieter48520-03NoDetails
BAGUE (†) Dion17653-ENoDetails
BAR (†) Jean16053-DNoDetails
BARON Jean33555-IYesDetails
BARTHELEMY (†) Gui21254-ENoDetails
BARTHOLOME (†) Jean1452-BNoDetails
BASTIN (†) Gilbert24954-ONoDetails
BAUWENS (†) Paul16153-DNoDetails
BEDEUR (†) Jules152-ANoDetails
BEECKMANS Bruno46098-03NoDetails
BIEUVELET (†) Marcel13553-BNoDetails
BIJNENS Martijn47414-01NoDetails


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