Silver Wings USAF Belgium

List of Graduates per class

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Name Firstname Serial No USAF ClassSilverwings member
TAVERNIERS Louis0?NoDetails
VAN REMOORTEL (†) Xavier361-16KNoDetails
MENNES Ludo466-07YesDetails
NELISSEN Jan566YesDetails
TIMMERMANS Willy668-11NoDetails
ACKERMANS Jozef769-11YesDetails
BRAMS DaniŽl869-14NoDetails
VERMEESCH Axel969-14YesDetails
MAES Roger1069-15YesDetails
LIJNEN Hugo1175-04YesDetails
STEVENS Robert1275-05NoDetails
LELIEVRE Walter1376-06ANoDetails
DESMET Gilbert1477-03YesDetails
GOEMAN Andrť1577-03NoDetails
KRINS Georges1678-07YesDetails
LECHAT Patrick1779-10NoDetails
WAELKENS Didier1881-18YesDetails
COLLEE Luc1982-19YesDetails
DAVID Jean-Jacques2082-19YesDetails
THERASSE Marc2187-01NoDetails


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