Silver Wings USAF Belgium

Alphabetical list of Graduates

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Name Firstname Serial No USAF Class Silverwings Member
CABUY (†) Jean Paul11452-HNoDetails
CALLANDT Philippe39372-12NoDetails
CALLENS Hubert13653-BNoDetails
CALUWAERTS (†) Edward32355-HNoDetails
CANDRIES (†) Alfons252-ANoDetails
CANELLE (†) André29455-FNoDetails
CARLIER (†) Xavier24154-NNoDetails
CARPELS Lucien14753-CNoDetails
CASTERMANS Georges3052-CYesDetails
CATTEEUW (†) Fernand28055-CNoDetails
CAUWENBERGS (†) Fons352-ANoDetails
CAVANAS Jack41580-05NoDetails
CHANTEUX Joseph12353-ANoDetails
CHRISTIAEN Gabriel32455-HYesDetails
CHRISTIAENS Christiaan41280-04YesDetails
CHRISTIAENS Thijs47104-03YesDetails
CHRISTIJN de RIBAUCOURT Didier45092-10NoDetails
CLAES Jozef11552-HNoDetails
CLAESSENS Nico46299-03NoDetails
CLOECKAERT (†) Hugo5152-ENoDetails


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