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Wonderful site !
Congratulations to the author. He must have been passing many hours and days to realize this site.
I send by email you a photograph of the badge of the 3566th Training Squadron we were in at Waco James Connally Air Force Base in 1953.

Suggestion : pages describing each plane we flew during our training : T6, T28, T33 and F84G (as far as I am concerned).

Pierre-Paul Struye, Saturday 30 January 2010

Dear Pierre-Paul,
Thank you for your nice comments! Indeed it took many hours to realize this new website, but the reactions we received so far prove it was all worth it. I am looking forward to receive the photograph of the badge of 3566th training Squadron.
Our president is rewriting the history of our association and I am sure that he will consider your suggestion concerning the description of the various training planes.

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