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Dear Silver Wing Members,

I was an instructor pilot at Goodfellow AFB, Texas in April 1951 when Colonel Georges
Castermans began his flight training in the AT-6. He has been a leader in aviation for many
years, and though I don\'t recall meeting him at Goodfellow, I\'m proud to have been a member
of the organization that provided him with the basic training that enabled him to excel at all levels.

No one but those who have the Silver Wings know how hard it is to qualify for them. In
your history it mentions the high rate of people washing out of pilot training in the first few
classes. I started pilot training as an Aviation Cadet in January 1950, and seventy percent of my
class washed out.

Many things have happened since 1951, but the pride of having qualified for the \"Silver Wings\"
is something that makes all of us proud.


John Stainsby Rivers
Lt./Col/ USAF, Retired

John Stainsby River, Monday 21 September 2020

Heartwarming message from M. Rivers, who is an Honorary SW Member

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