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Marc Vankeirsbilck

Welcome on our Silver Wings website, the site of the Belgian Air Force pilots and navigators who graduated from the United States Air Force and hence earned their much coveted Silver Wings. We hope you will enjoy this visit and that you will appreciate the genuine fraternity which started in the fifties and continued during the many years we spent in the skies worldwide; this friendship still remains very vivid nowadays.

We are most thankful to our honorary president Mich Moulin for creating our association and for enthusiastically chairing it during 25 years, as well as to his successor, Georges Castermans who avidly presided over the Silver Wings for the following 12 years.

We are deeply saddened by the loss of our Honorary President Mich Moulin – Founder of the Belgian Silver Wing Association. He will be truly missed. I want to express my  sympathy to his family on behalf of all the Members of the Silver Wing Association 

For any additional information, please feel free to contact the Silver Wings Team. 


Honorary President
Georges Castermans


Honorary President
Mich Moulin


Silver Wings USAF Belgium"Silver Wings" is the name of the brotherhood of Belgians who earned their silver wings in the United States Air Force - USAF. Their friendship started as aviation cadets or student pilots on the other side of the Atlantic and it continued growing in their homeland squadrons.

On the 25th Anniversary of class 54-O these pilots started reunions so as not to loose their links and their legendary spirit. All the actual members of "Silver Wings" are still keeping that spirit high and meet about four times a year.

As of January 2010 the "Silver Wings" were joined by the navigators who also earned their wings in the USAF.


All the Silver Wingers are proud to wear both wings:

BAF pilot wing
USAF pilot wing
BAF Officer pilot wings USAF pilot wings
emblem of the brotherhood
BAF NCO pilot wings
BAF navigator wing

USAF navigator wings

BAF Officer navigator wing  USAF navigator wings  BAF NCO navigator wings

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